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E85 vs. Gasoline Comparison Test article on. which is a different size to prevent just such mishaps, the gas/E85 nozzle was one and the same. Nearby, a man was pumping E85 into a brand-new Chevrolet Avalanche, complete with flex-fuel vehicle badges. Gas vs. E85 difference. 21/10/2018 · 93 pure, if you have it close by. If you get a tune, you can pick your higher-performing fuel -- these cars run very well on race gas and / or E85. For E85, you'll also need additional pump and larger injectors. Your owner's manual warns against too much ethanol mixed in with your gasoline blend with the assumption you'll be keeping stock. 13/06/2018 · I use a 50/50 e85 mix in a turbo car, runs great and no KR in the Texas heat. Only problem is you will need to take about 10 gallons to the track if no gas station nearby. My car uses over 5 gallons per 20 min session, so I arrive with a full tank and carrying in 10 gallons of e85, which I mix at the track with 93 from a nearby gas station. 01/07/2012 · E85 vs 93 gas????? i am buying a car and theres a 2007 lincoln town car for a good price but it has flex-fuel. I dont care about performance or how clean the environment. i just want the engine to last as long as possible. what gas would make my engine last longer e85 or 93 octane gas. 09/12/2018 · 2.85 on 91 vs 93 vs 94 vs 100 vs e85. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20. You have e85 in Calif. Not on every corner but unless you check, how do you know where it is. Straight gas at 93 octane, with out a tune, is in my case the best option before getting some 97 ratman.

07 Avalanche 5.3 Flex fuel U7194. Will there be a loss of performance using E85 Vs. high octane gas on the 93 tune? 93 is not close to me but E85 is. Also, winter blend E85 which is E70, will that have enough octane to run the 93 tune safely? If using E85 and the 93 tune I should adjust the LTFT's the same as if I was running premium fuel. 93 octaneMeth vs. E85, which is better for FI? I know that E85 and meth both reduce the temp on the intake charge,. you can probably get close to your goal with just pump gas, and use water/meth as a safety net. Personally, I would only used water/meth as a safety, and not as a secondary fuel system-which a lot of people do.

19/01/2019 · E85 vs. 114-Octane Race Gas on the Dyno With a Boosted Small-Block!. any contest between 112-octane E85 and premium unleaded pump gas 91- or 93-octane would be no comparison. The E85 offers more power, even before we get into the added ability to run more timing and/or boost from the lack of octane on the pump gas. All in all, E85 might become a good fuel for your car if you know what you’re doing! It’s so easy for your girlfriend or wife to accidentally fuel up with E85 and later tell you that she got a great deal on ‘gas’ today, so she filled ‘er up!

How much more power can you make on e85?. 9.8:1 for E85 vs 14.7:1 for pump gas which means we need to use more of it to mix with the same mass of air. In general when switching to E85 we will find that we need to inject around 35-40% more fuel to make the same power we saw on pump gas. E85 does such a good job knocking down inlet air temps that no intercooler is needed. Higher Octane: Pump gas octane varies in the US by both grade and state. Here in Illinois, the octane of regular and premium gasoline is usually 87 and 93 respectively. In Colorado, those numbers are knocked down by 2 points to 85 and 91 octane. Ouch! E85 is the designation for an ethanol-blended fuel where ethanol makes up 85-percent of the content, and gasoline 15-percent. E85 has a few issues you need to take into account before using it. Understanding why E85 makes better power than pump gas is important. E85 E10/Gas Price Spread E0 Blender Date Submitter Station City State P C; The information contained herein is crowdsourced, and therefore provided solely from sources independent of the RFA. Although care has been taken to ensure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information provided, the RFA assumes no responsibility therefore.

E85 critics contend that production of ethanol from corn maize drives up world food prices, causing corn to be unaffordable or even unavailable. E85 advocates counter that concern by pointing out that over 93% of all corn grown in the United States is never fed directly to people, but is instead used as livestock feed [citation needed]. 09/02/2013 · 2. E85 not really being E85. What I mean by that is how E85 is not as regulated as pump gas, therefore the E85 could be more like E70, but you wouldn't know. Granted I'm sure this doesn't make that big a difference, otherwise so many of you wouldn't be using it. 21/02/2017 · Since its 85% ethanol Vs 10% ethanol Gas And proportionally the octane in gas is 91-93 Vs E85 being 100. The octane being the resistance to pre-detinaton or spontaneous combustion. And because its distilled it burns colder thus allowing more advance in timing = "mo fun" For gas i get that 11AFR at Wot is utilized to keep heat down. E85 is ethanol, you can't use ethanol gas in regular cars. Most if not all cars will say what to use and what not to use in the gas cap, if not check the manual. Flexfuel is also a popular term for Ethanol gas. You can put higher octane in a gas tank, like 91 in 87. It won't.

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